Fujian Hua Hui Stone Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
Address: Nanan City, Fujian Province Shuitou town building materials market Avenue
Contact Tel: 0595-86996666 Fax: 0595-86995188

Beijing HuaFeng TianFeng Building Decoration Engineering Co
Address: Beijing Kanghua Road West International Stone City 3 District 5
Phone: 010-81505777 Mobile phone number: 18611489126

Beijing Huahui production base
Address: Tongzhou District, Beijing Ju Fu Yuan Industrial Development Base Poly 6th Street on the 2nd
Tel: 010-80529799 Mobile phone number: 13701352396
Fax: 010-80529799

Tianjin Baodi Hua Hui production base
Address: Tianjin Baodi Jiuyuan Industrial Zone Stone City a
Contact Phone: 022-29659888 Mobile phone number: 13820249393
Fax: 022-22432275

Shanghai Huahui production base
Address: No. 8 Huadan Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai (east of Jiasong Road)
Tel: 4008-725-888 Mobile phone number: 13801699077

New Hua - hui (Nantong) production base
Address: Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, the town of Jinshi Road No. 199
Tel: 4008-725-888 Mobile phone number: 13801699077

New Feida artificial stone production base
Address: Wu'an Industrial Zone, Guanqiao, Nan'an City, Fujian Province
Phone number: 13960426008 Tel: 0595-8689989 Fax: 0595-86837898

Hua Hui shares Jianming stone production base
Address: Nanan City Ishii town of coastal industrial base
Tel: 0595-86991666 Mobile phone number: 18720210908
In this case,
Guangdong Yunfu Hua-hui production base
Address: Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, Hekou Avenue (opposite the mouth of the river gas station in the Treasure stone market)
Contact Phone: 0766-8221999 Mobile phone number: 13905056395
Fax: 0766-8221688

Huahui stone industry shares of stone brick production base
Address: Nan'an City, head Beaulieu Development Zone
Contact Tel: 0595-86138666 0595-86198258

Feida Group (stone) production base
Address: Nanan City, head Penglai Development Zone
Tel: 0086-595-86982888 Fax: 0086-595-86982188
Service Line 400 880 5829
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